Cinch PowerPoint to Video Converter User Guide

Cinch PPT to Video Converter is an amazing software for converting PowerPoint demonstrations into videos. This software can readily convert a series of slides to a popular video format AVI, WMV, MP4, MOV, and FLV. You can add an audio or music to have an interesting and wonderful presentation. Enhance your presentation and make it more enjoyable for your viewers in any device.

1. How to Convert PowerPoint to Video Format?

Step 1: Install Cinch PowerPoint to Video Converter to your desktop. If you turned on your smart screen protection just click “Run software”.

Step 2: Drag PPT files to Cinch PPT to Video Converter.

Step 3: Click “convert”. Cinch PPT to Video Converter will then convert your PowerPoint files to video

Wait for a few seconds.

Step 4: Play the video by clicking the first icon on the right “Open File”. To locate the exact video just click the “Open Folder” icon, 2nd icon to the right. To delete, click “Delete” icon on the third icon on the right.

2. How to Change the Video Output?

You can change the video output to the common video format of your choice. Just follow the steps below.

Step 1: Launch Cinch PPT to Video Converter and click “Output format”.

Choose from the common video output format AVI, WMV, MP4, MOV, FLV, and click “convert”.

3. How to change Video Resolution?

Cinch has a great feature of letting you choose the right video resolution for your needs.

Step 1: Click “Video Resolution” and choose a resolution you want from the lists shown below.

Click “Convert’ button once done.

4. How to Add a Background Music?

Want to make your PPT videos more interesting? Why not add a music or an audio recording of your lectures.

Step 1: Click “Background music” and select the music you want to add.

For a lossless quality of music use Cinch Audio Recorder.

5. How to Change Output Directories/Folder?

Want to your converted PPT videos and store it in a specific folder? Follow the steps below.

Click “Output Directory” and select the directory or folder you want it to be stored.

6. How to Change Time Between Slides?

You can customize the time for switching the PPT slides to the next. This is very useful for the viewers to have an ample time to read.

Step 1: Click “Time between slides” and input the right seconds to switch slides.

7. How to Register your Cinch PPT to Video Converter?

Registration is easy, just click the gear icon on the upper right.

The on the drop-down menu, click “Register

Input your email address and License key.

8. How to Update the Software?

Click the gear icon on the upper left and click “Check for updates”. This software is updated on a regular basis and you have lifetime access to all the updates for free.

9. How to Uninstall the Software?

Are you unhappy with our product then we request you to contact us instantly with the reason for your unhappiness; so we can ensure that we get it fixed in our next release. If you still like to uninstall our software then it is really easy…

Windows User

Step 1: Go to Start -> Control Panel

Step 2: Click on Install/Remove Software

Step 3: Select our Software and Click “Uninstall”

If you have any further queries related to this software you can always reach out to us through our contact form.

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